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Virtual Narratives of Dislocation-  Live Broadcast VR Experimental Session

Elastic Spaces Third International Symposium 

Bath Spa University | October 13, 2017

Bath, UK



Philippe Batthika

Ana Ferguson

Francisco Gonzalez Rosas

Santiago Tavera



During the Elastic Spaces Third International Symposium at Bath Spa University, Santiago Tavera, Ana Ferguson, Francisco Gonzalez and Philippe Battikha collaborated on a VR live broadcast session titled, Virtual Narratives of Dislocation.  Together they constructed a virtual environment that simulates experiences of multimedia dislocation.  This interdisciplinary project investigates notions of digital re-presentation, virtual translation, cultural narratives, media illusion and spatialized sound. The project consists of using  the Orah 4i- 360° camera to digitally broadcast live an audiovisual immersive installation from the Newton Park Campus at Bath Spa University, UK. Participants at the conference were invited to be part of this work during the two hour session by entering the space to experience it but also to look at it through their mobiles devices. One as a 360° video to be navigated by scrolling the video image to every side. The second method of viewing the work using participant’s phones was by using a google cardboard head sets to experience the work as VR. Seeing themselves being and seeing all at once.  In its entirety, the project combines narratives of belonging and displacement with experimental VR and digital techniques to forge an intersection between personal experiences of dislocation, the construction and experiencing of virtual environments and the narratives that emerge within them.

Live Broadcast on the Mediawall 
Commons Building- Newton Campus,
Bath Spa University

360° Video Documentation

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.

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