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From November 1st to 5th, Studio XX presents the 13th edition of the HTMlles festival, an artistic response to the recent waves of online declarations. Beyond the # — Failures and Becomings looks at the role of digital technologies in this new space of expression, the reclaiming of voice, as well as obstacles and ways to successfully move forward. Artists, activists, and theorists redefine the foundations of success and failure and imagine new, emancipatory perspectives. The festival brings together exhibitions, discussions, a video screening, workshops, and performances.


Articule | Montreal, Canada

November 3 - December 2, 2018


Photo credit: Guy L'Heureux


LAS NOVELAS DEL ELSGÜER is a collaborative project between Colombian and Canadian artists, Laura Acosta and Santiago Tavera. Episodio 3 - Despecho en Vivo, is a Virtual Reality (VR) immersive and interactive installation piece. In this work, Laura’s fibre based characters infiltrate Santiago’s digitally animated fields, offering spaces of constant translation between physical and virtual experiences of the body. The notion of dislocation is the central theme of this project, as it questions the way bodies (more specifically migrant bodies) transgress borders and present themselves as multiple, within the realm of the virtual. Combining performative elements with digital environments within this virtual piece, further simulates a sense of dislocation for the viewers themselves. The general public is given access to this work through different mediums, allowing them to navigate spaces both physically and virtually. Immersed in an array of lights, sounds, colours, erratic physical movement, and digital animations, viewers find themselves inside a surreal fable of translucent bodies floating in the vastness of a borderless virtual suburban galaxy. LAS NOVELAS DEL ELSGÜER presents a suspended state of mixed realities in which digital environments merge with physical experiences, triggering virtual narratives of displacement.


Photo credit: Guy L'Heureux

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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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