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Master in Fine Arts- Intermedia                                                                                                                                   2016

Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec


BA -Honors Specialization in Visual Arts, Major in Psychology                                                                                2011
Western University, London, Ontario



Solo Exhibitions

2024     The Novels of Elsgüer - Interactive Documentary [collaboration with Laura Acosta], OPTICA- un centre

              d'art contemporain, Montréal, QC. (forthcoming April 2023)

2021     The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 4) [collaboration with Laura Acosta], OPTICA- un centre d'art             

              contemporain, Montréal, QC.

2020      The Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 5) [collaboration with Laura Acosta], Montréal arts interculturels (MAI),

               Montréal, QC.

2018      Reverberations of a Topological Daydream, Forest City Gallery, London, ON

2016      Stereo Linear Balance, Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay as part of the International Digital Art

               Biennial (BIAN), Montreal, QC.

2016      Translational Spaces, Agence TOPO, Montreal, QC.


Group Exhibitions & Screenings

2023       En el filo del caos, Estacion Terrena Gallery, Suratomica Festival, Bogotá, Colombia.

2022       A Flower and a Thousand Paths, Céline Bureau, Montréal, QC.

2022      Across Space – Sympathetic Vibration Exhibition part of the Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2022  -         

               Channel: Wave-Particle Duality, Changwon, South Korea. 

2022      At a distance - from within, Project Casa, ArtPop Festival, Montréal, QC. (Curated by Tyra Maria Trono & 

               Bettina Pérez Martínez). 

2022.     If I saw you, I don’t remember (outdoor screening), Le Géoparc de Percé, La Grande rencontre des arts 

               médiatiques en Gaspésie, Galerie d’Art, Percé, QC. (Curated by Esther Bourdages).  

2021      Video/Play (Screening), MTL Connect, Printemps Numériques, Montréal, QC & Brussels, BE 

               (Curated by Erandy Vergara).

2021      Résonances, [collaboration with Laura Acosta], Maison de la Culture Claude-Léveillée, Montréal, QC 

              (Curated by Mariza Rosales Argonza).

2021      Entre Ríos (screening), La Grande rencontre des arts médiatiques en Gaspésie, Galerie d’Art, Percé, QC 

              (Curated by Esther Bourdages).

2021     Live Despecho [collaboration with Laura Acosta], Sur Gallery, Toronto, Canada, (Curator Claudia Arana).

2020     Artecámara, [collaboration with Milton Riaño] ARTBO | Feria Internacional de Arte de Bogotá, (Curated by

              Emiliano Valdes)

2020     Passages Convergents (Touring Group Exhibition), Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Montréal-

              supported by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal Tournée Support Program.                    

2018     The Novels of Elsewhere [Collaboration with Laura Acosta], Articule, The HTMlles Feminist Festival of                      Media Arts + Digital Culture, Montréal, QC.

2018     Passages Convergents, Salle de diffusion de Parc-Extension, Montréal, QC.

2018     Passages Convergents, Le Conseil des arts de Montréal, Montréal, QC.

2018     The Novel of Elsewhere (Ep.3) [collaboration with Laura Acosta], Centro Cultural Rogelio Salmona,

              The International Image Festival, Manizales, Colombia.

2018     The Novel of Elsewhere (Ep.3) [online exhibition in collaboration with Laura Acosta], The   

              Wrong- A New Digital Biennial: Homeostasis Lab Pavilion.

2017     La Obra en el Espacio (The Work in Space), Aproximaciones a la Museografía Actual,  

              Laboratório de Arte Alameda, Mexico City.

2017     Projected Narratives of Being and Belonging (collaborative video installation), International

              Symposium on Electronic Art - ISEA + 16th International Images Festival, Universidad de

              Caldas, Manizales, Colombia.

2017     Projected Narratives of Being & Belonging, Galeria de Arte e Pesquisa, Vitória, Brazil.

2017     Translational Spaces, Imagining Identities, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON.

2017     Virtual Narratives (outdoor live projections) in Collaboration with Pelada, The Ottawa  

              International Animation Festival, The Innovation Centre, Ottawa, ON.

2016     Translational Spaces (publication exhibition), Webster Library, Concordia U., Montreal.  

2016     DSSOTS, Chromatic Festival- MTL x TO, Hangar 16, Montreal, QC.

2016     DSSOTS (online exhibition), The Wrong- A New Digital Biennial: Homeostasis Lab


2016     DSSOTS & Novels of Elsewhere (screening), Small Packages: Microsignification in Media

              and Communications Studies MA Student Symposium, Concordia University, Montreal,QC

2015     DSSOTS (screening) Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Toronto, ON. 

2013     Ultramoderne, Art Mûr, Montréal, QC.
2012     Jardín de las Delicias, Solange Guez + Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2012     Partners: A Collaboration (touring exhibition), The John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2012                                                                                   Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora, ON.
2012                                                                                   Japanese Paper Place Gallery, Toronto, ON.
2011                                                                                   Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, ON.
2011     Digital Alterities, InterAccess, Toronto, ON.

2011     Fresh Paint, New Construction, Art Mûr, Montréal QC.
2011     Still Worked*, The ArtLab, University of Western Ontario, London ON.
2010     Is it too late? –Doug, The Arts Project Gallery, London ON.



2024        101 Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

                 Curatorial exhibition and collaboration with Mexican-Canadian artist, Tania Lara.

                Exploring textile, video projection and collective narrative mapping.

2023        VCR Image Curator-in-Residence, The Visual Collections Repository, Concordia University, Montréal,

                Canada. February - May, 2023.  Selection of 10 Latinx queer projects to diversify and expand the VCR

                 image repository and implement pedagogical tools to curriculum for the Faculty of Fine Arts. 

2022        A Flower and a Thousand Paths, Céline Bureau Gallery|Residency, Montréal, Canada. 

                October 13-27, 2022.  Exhibition presenting 3 Latinx artist collectives [2 based on Colombia and 1 in

                Canada], presenting video installation projects on queer narratives and alternative networks of

                communications. Supported by a Concept to Realization grant from the Canada Council of the Arts and 

                Le Conseil des arts de Montréal.


2023    Writing in your Artistic and Professional Practice, Intermedia Graduate course, Department of Studio Art,

             Concordia University, Montréal, Canada.  

2021     Tran Sites Interculturels, Médiation et co création en arts numériques, Maison de la culture de Claude- 

             Léveillée, Montréal, Canada.

2020    Encounter in the Virtual Gardens, La Maison des Amériques, Montréal, Canada. 

2019    Virtual Cyborgs, Dramaturgy Course, Department of Theatre, Concordia University,Montréal

             Tran-sites Interculturels, École Lévis-Sauvé & Centre d’Histoire de Montréal, Canada.  

             Virtual Hyper-Naturalisms, International Image Festival of Manizales, Colombia.

2018    Arquitecturas Queer y el Cuerpo Virtual, Mutante.Lab, Liebre Lunar, Bogotá, Colombia.

2017    Virtual Narratives of Dislocation- Elastic Spaces 3rd Symposium, Bath Spa University, UK.

             Digital Collectivities- Hemi GSI Convergence 2017, York University, Toronto, ON.

             Projected Narrative of Being and Belonging, International Symposium on Electronic Art-ISEA, 

             Manizales, Colombia.

2015    New Media Collectivities- Hemi GSI Convergence 2015, University of Texas in Austin, US.  

             Space in Translation- Intermedia & Performative Studio Class, Concordia University.

2014    Translating Projections-SKOOL-Marking Space: A Drawing Research Lab, Centre des arts actuels Skol.


2023 - Present      Artists-in-Residence Faculty, Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts), 

                               Department of Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montréal, QC. 

2022-2023            Artistic Director and Project Coordinator- Céline Bureau Gallery|Residency, Montréal, QC. 

2015-Present       Project Manager- Elastic Spaces Art Lab, Concordia University, Montreal, QC. 

2021                      Grant Writing Consultant - Vivacité Clinic, MAI, Montréal, Arts Interculturels, Montréal, QC. 

2019-2021            Visiting Scholar - Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montréal, QC.               

2015-2016            Workshop Assistant- GradProSkills Program, Concordia University, Montreal, QC.

2016                      Research Mentor, Online Research Co-op Program, The Foundation for Student 

                               Science and Technology, QC/ON.                     

2014                      Part-Time Instructor- IMCA 220- Introduction to Digital Media, Department of Fine Arts,                                             Concordia University, Montreal, QC. 

2012-2015            Teacher Assistant, Department of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal.                                  

2013-2015            Research Assistant- Department of Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montréal, QC.       

2015                       Installation Assistant (Alexander Pilis)- Architecture Parallax Exhibition at Galerie 

                               Joyce Yahouda, Montreal, QC.

2014                      Project Coordinator-SKOOL: Marking Space, Centre des arts actuels Skols, Montréal, QC.

2010                      Gallery Intern-Susan Hobbs Gallery (Toronto) & Parker Branch Project (London, ON).


2023    VCR Image Curator-in-Residence, The Visual Collections Repository, Concordia University, Montréal.

2022    VIR- Viafarini-in-Residence, Milan, IT

2016    Vermont Studio Center, Visual Artist Residency- Johnson, VT                                                      

             Supported by the Merit-based Artist/Writer & Hexagram Internationalization Grant. 


2014    Centre des arts actuels Skol, SKOOL’s Summer Group Residency, Montreal, Canada.                                                    Supported by Concordia Stand-Out Grad. Research Award & Small Grants Program. 

             Project         Publication



2023     Presenter, Plasticities of Digital Materiality, II Suratómica Festival, Estación Terrena, Bogotá,Colombia.  

2023     Presenter, Collective Thinking, Archives and Histories, Thinking Allowed colloquium,  4th Space -

              Concordia University, Montréal, QC. 

2023     Presenter (with Laura Acosta), Decolonizing Spaces, Curatorial, Museum and Publication Models, 

              Thinking Allowed colloquium, 4th Space - Concordia University, Montréal, QC. 

2023     Artist talk, Redefining Multiculturalism Through Canadian Latin-American Art, Department of Art 

              history, Concordia University.

2022    Artist talk at Agence TOPO, Incubateur de littérature numérique, Montréal, QC.

2021    Artist talk (with Laura Acosta and Shauna Janssen), Optica, centre d’art contemporain, Montréal.

2020    Artist talk (with Laura Acosta), Department of Theatre, Concordia University.

2019    Artist talk (with Laura Acosta),  International Image Festival of Manizales, Colombia.

2019    Artist talk (with Laura Acosta), PULSE Salon, Concordia University, Montréal. 

2019    Artist talk at AgenceTOPO for Inter@numeriques, Montréal, QC.

2018    Artist talk at Mutante.Lab, Liebre Lunar, Bogota, Colombia.

2018     Artist talk at Forest City Gallery, London, ON.

2017    Presenter at the Elastic Spaces' 3rd International Symposium, Bath Spa University, UK 

2017    Workshop organizer at Hemi GSI Convergence: Unsettling the

             Americas” Radical Hospitalities and Intimate Geographies, York University, Toronto, ON.

2017    Workshop organizer & presenter at International Symposium on

             Electronic Art and International Images Festival, Manizales, Colombia.

2017    Conference presenter at Besides the Screen: Unfolding Images – VR,

             Volumetric Filmmaking and Spatial Control, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil.

2017    Conference presenter at Intersection | Cross-section conference: Imagining Identities,

             Ryerson University and York University, Toronto, ON.

2016    Conference presenter at the Entertainment and Technology Summit, during the

             Canada-China International Film Festival, Montreal, QC.

2016    Artist talk at Agence TOPO, Montreal.

2016    Conference presenter at Elastic 3D Space: 2nd International Research Colloquium on

             Stereoscopic, Virtual & Embodied Practices, Concordia university.

2016    Artist talk at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, USA.

2015    Workshop organizer at Hemi GSI Convergence- Collectivities in TransMigration:

             Animating Bodies Across Borders Conference, The University of Texas in Austin, USA.

2015    Conference presenter at Elastic S3D Space: Embodied Virtual Space Observable

             Through the Use of Stereoscopic Techniques, Concordia University.



2020-2021     Committee Examiner- Canada Council for the Arts - Explore and Create Program.

2015               Committee Examiner- Emerging MAH Researchers Symposium, Hexagram, Montréal, QC.


2023     Acosta, Laura and Tavera, Santiago, The Novels of Elsgüer: Counter Narratives and Ecosystems of 

              Corporeal and Virtual Displacement. Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities.


2023     Borquez, Marcela, [Exhibition review],  Willful ambivalence in A Flower and a Thousand Paths.

              Vie des arts magazine. March 20, 2023.


2021    Bracmort, Cecilia, [Exhibition Review], Immersion dans un monde de paradoxes à OPTICA. Vie des Arts 

             Magazine. <>. 

2021    Du Ruisseau, Olivier, [Article], Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts. 


             a-artists-shown-at-optica.html?c=/finearts/news> . 

2021    Janssen, Shauna. Camouflaged Screams - Immersive and Scenographic Constructions of 

            Wilding [Exhibition text], Optica, centre d’art contemporain, Montréal: 


2021   Arana, Claudia. Latin@merica: Embedding Bodies and Localities [Exhibition text], Sur Gallery, 

           Toronto, Canada. <>.

2020   Valdés, Emiliano, Antes de que todo sea polvo, ARTBO, Artecámara, Temporada, Bogotá, Colombia,  

            Oct.27-Nov 1, 2020. <>.

2020   Redgrave, Veronica, Shape-shifting Compositions: The exhibition “Passages Convergents”, in Vie des 

            Arts, N°260 – Sep. 29, Fall 2020 Edition, Montréal, Canada.  

2019   18th International Image Festival of Manizales, [Publication], Workshop: Virtual Hyper-Naturalisms & 

            Artist Talk: Virtual & Corporeal Dislocation, June 10-14, Manizales, Colombia: p. 67 & 71. 

2018    Rosales Argonza, Mariza. «Angles morts, visions transfrontalières latino-québécoises», 

 .           Vues transversales. Panorama de la scène artistique latino-québécoise, Mariza Rosales Argonza 

             (ed.), Montréal : Les Éditions du CIDIHCA / La fondation LatinArte, 2018: p. 127-172.

2018    Sophie, Chartier. La technologie comme prise de parole, in Le Devoir, Montréal, Canada. 

2018    Lam, Tina. Virtual Gaze [Exhibition text], Articule, Montréal: 

2018    Zara Julius + Santiago Tavera, Laura Acosta [Radio Interview] in Audiosmut, Montréal, QC.

2018    Jusqu’au 2 décembre 2018 à Articule: Une installation immersive qui recrée l’espace réel et virtuel 

             [Radio Interview] in MagazineInSitu & Radio Centre Ville (102.3).

2018    17th International Image Festival of Manizales, [Festival Catalogue Publication], Transmedia: The 

             Novels of Elsgüer (Episode 3)- Live Despecho Exhibition, May 7-11, Manizales, Colombia: p. 39.

2017    Tavera, Santiago, Translational Spaces: Virtual Narratives Of Being & Belonging, in Journal of Virtual 

             Creativity, Intellect Books, U.K: p.133-146. 

2017    Mackrous, P. Translational Spaces [Exhibition Text - E-Book], Inhabiting the Uncertainty of the 

            Showcase: p. 69-73. 

2017   ISEA - International Symposium on Electronic Art & The 16th International Image Festival of 

            Manizales, [Festival Catalogue Publication], Workshop: Projected Narratives of Being and Belonging 

            & Artist Talk: Translational Spaces, June 11-18, Manizales, Colombia. p. 110 & 137. 

2016   Mackrous, P. Santiago Tavera, Translational Spaces – mars 2016 – avril 2016 [Exhibition Text] at 

            AgenceTOPO, Montréal, Canada: 


2016    Reportage vidéo : « Translational Spaces » de Santiago Tavera à l’Agence TOPO & [Video 

             interview], in Qui Fait Quoi - Lien Multimedia, February 4, 2016. 

2016    Digital Architectural Environments: Experiencing the Translation Between the Physical and Virtual in 

             AC2 (Architecture | Concordia’s second publication): 80-83.

2015    Pillis, A. Digital Architectural Environments: Experiencing the Translation Between the Physical and 

             Virtual  in Architecture Rendez vous Art – Episode 2: 165-172.

2014    A Book of Lines: Residency catalogue (2014) in Marking Space: A Drawing Research Lab, Centre des 

            arts actuels Skol, Montréal.



2023-2026    Composite grant (with Laura Acosta), The Canada Council for the Arts.

2024              Travel Grant (Arts Abroad), The Canada Council for the Arts [Colombia]. 

2023              Longlist finalist - Quebec Region, Canada’s Sobey Art Award, National Gallery of Canada.

2022              Concept to Realization Grant (with Céline Bureau), The Canada Council for the Arts.

2022              Residency Grant (Arts Abroad), (with Laura Acosta), The Canada Council for the Arts [Italy]. 

2021              Public Presentation (with Laura Acosta), Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

2021              Research and Creation Grant, The Canada Council for the Arts.

2021              Digital Now Grant (with Optica and Laura Acosta), The Canada Council for the Arts.

2020-2021    Concept to Realization Grant (with Laura Acosta), The Canada Council for the Arts.

2020              Digital Originals Grant (with Milton Riaño), The Canada Council for the Arts. 

2019-2020    Vivacité Grant (with Laura Acosta), Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. 

2019              Research and Creation Grant, The Canada Council for the Arts.

2019              Concept to Realization Grant (with Laura Acosta), The Canada Council for the Arts.

2019              Travel Grant (Arts Abroad), The Canada Council for the Arts [Colombia]. 

2018              Concept to Realization Grant, The Canada Council for the Arts.

2018              Travel Grant (Arts Abroad), The Canada Council for the Arts [Colombia]. 

2017              Travel Grant (Arts Abroad), The Canada Council for the Arts [England]. 

2017              Travel Grant, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec [Brazil]. 

2017              Beca de Circulación Nacional e Internacional para Artistas y Demás Agentes de las 

                       Artes Visuales (Travel Grant) from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia.  

2014-2016    Hexagram Research Grant & Internationalization Grant.                                   

2015              Shortlisted for the Equitable Bank’s Emerging Digital Artist Award.                                                    

2015              Co-Production Hexagram Assistance Grant (with Leila Sujir). 

2014-2015    Campaign for the New Millennium Student Contribution Scholarship.                                           

2014-2015    Faculty of Fine Arts Fellowship, Concordia University.                                                                      

2014              Concordia Stand-Out Graduate Research Award (Marking Space residency).

2014              Concordia University Small Grants Program (Marking Space residency).

2013-2014    Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship awarded by the Social 

                       Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

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