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Space in Translation Workshop

IMCA330 -


Concordia University



This workshop consisted in the exploration between materials, technology, the body and space.

Thinking of the constant translation between 2D imagery and 3D physcial space, the goal was to disembody from the present space and create a cumulative collage installation somewhere between the "reality" of the physcial place where the workshop happened and the participant's own imaginative space.


Students were divided into four different groups:

Group 1-  2D lines shapes

Group 2-  2D colour shapes

Group 3-  3D lines shapes

Group 4-  3D colour shapes


< These were meant to be used as digital building block sketches to faciliate the construction of the spatial collage installation.




These sample 3D animations were presented and projected onto the space. They showed the possible manipulation and animations students were going to be able to achieve with the different line and colour shapes through the use of 3D drawing software-SANDDE.


The participants were given live feed cameras, digital projectors, colour light bulbs, zoom audio recorders, speakers, a DSLR camera, tape, acetate, paper, scissors, and 3D software Sandde.

Starting with the space as a white canvas, participants were asked to think about the activation of the body and the space, keeping in mind how the line and colour shapes could move between the physical, the digital, and from 2D to 3D forms, and vice versa. How do sounds communicate with colours, how do the projectors interact with the paper, how does the acetate work with the lights, how does tape trace shadows, how do the lines create space, how do the shapes inform the body...


Blake Gilley, Ayam Yaldo, Lysanne Côté, Nayla Dabaji, Julien Bouthillier, Jenna Deagle-Potter, Emmett Rose Margo, Charlotte Dion-Dufourd, Adrian Harper, Will Gaucher, Laurence BM, Michelle Meiklejohn, Catherine Fournier-Poirier, Mégane Voghell, Liliana Argumedo, Mylene Bouchard & Daniela Ortiz.

The images, video and sounds were recorded by the participants throughout the workshop, showcasing the temporal progression and accumulation of the materials and technology in the space.


While some participants were engaging with the materials and technology in the space, others were manipulating and animating the different shapes through 3D drawing software- Sandde, allowing them to make digital collages and virtual spaces.

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