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II International Suratómica Festival

At the Edge of Chaos

Estación Terrena Gallery

Bogota, Colombia

November 7 - 12, 2023


The second festival has two main components: the creation laboratories and a series of exhibitions, as well as talks, discussions, workshops and publication launches. In addition, we will have special opening and closing events of the festival, including a dome screening and a concert.

The Suratómica Festival will bring together more than fifty guests at a global level, Colombian and international, residents in Colombia and in many other places of the world, who for the most part, through self-management of their resources, arrive in the city of Bogotá to meet, share and create during these six days of programming.

The guests are creatives from various areas of knowledge, connected to the Suratómica Network, who explore from various practices the theme proposed for this festival At the edge of chaos: the question of the most recent and wonderful understandings of the living. We will open many spaces for creation, encounter, and dissemination around the exploration we have done on complexity sciences, life sciences, microbiology, biotechnology, astrobiology, artificial life, biological computation, and bioart, among others.


Patterns of Plasticity

Patterns of Plasticity is an audiovisual installation composed of a single channel video projection onto a wall, with a square 1:1 format,  and a 3D holographic fan screen placed on top of the projected video. The installation also includes a stereo audio setup that further immerses viewers into the installation. Patterns of Plasticity presents a mixed media experience with a series of 3D animation scans of flowers and plants constantly blooming from each other. These 3D volumetric captures were gathered in Bogota, Colombia during a self-directed creative-research residency that I was part of while accompanying a family member during a rehabilitation process following brain damage. The work’s 3D animation is superimposed onto a series of images of neural activity, and walking pathways from Colombia and Canada, contrasting bare winter landscapes with fully blossomed floral trees and branches in Colombia. The audio component of the project presents a deconstructed narrative of a 2 year family process of recovery through oral history and



Patterns of Plasticity invites viewers to journey through sequences, paths and different networks of images and sounds that are constantly changing and repeating, as a metaphor for the magical process of neuroplasticity. This collaborative and ongoing creative-research project proposes a deconstructed narrative through collaged memories, videos, texts and sound, and is inspired by the strength and resilience of a family member who has aphasia following brain damage that affected language and communication. This project explores the concept of language as an extension of home, where identity, memories, bilingual communication and the body are being re-constructed. This project is an ongoing collaboration with other artists such as 3D programmer and data analyst, Milton Riaño and sound designer, AM Devito, as well as with family members and was done with consultation of speech pathologist, Crystal Branco, and the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Credits Concept and Direction:

Collaborator and 3D programmer:

Sound Designer:








Special Thanks:

Santiago Tavera

Milton Riaño

AM Devito

Crystal Branco- Speech Pathologist

Carmen Rosa Munoz,

Diana Velasquez,

Adriana Velasquez,

Jennifer Tavera,

Abigail Ortiz

Olivia Ortiz.

Norma Velasquez

The Canada Council for the Arts

Mobility Group Colombia


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.

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