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Céline Bureau

Montréal, Canada

October 13 - 27, 2022


A Flower and a Thousand Paths is an exploration of ethnographies of the “other” and alternative networks of communication. The exhibition brings together practices that navigate different identities, and new ways of constructing narratives, through the work of 3 Colombian artist collectives: House of Tupamaras and Mutante based in Bogota and Elsgüer Studio based in Montréal.


Elsgüer Studio presents 3Lix, which explores layered connections of femme bodies through generational trauma. This project invites viewers to engage with a textile video performance being altered live by the wind being captured through an anemometer. Elsgüer’s other piece, Patterns of Plasticity, is a video installation presenting a series of images of neural activity, along with 3D scans and footage of flowers and pathways captured in Canada and Colombia. This project explores oral history and language as an extension of identity, by reconstructing a journey of recovery based on community support and neuro-plasticity. Mutante’s Queer Forms of Life and, explore how independent and distributed communication networks are at the core of self-organized communities, such as bacteria, which communicate and collectively act. This project includes blueprints and a video about a parabolic WIFI umbrella antenna that can extend the signal range for a mobile phone. House of Tupamaras’ video installation, Failure is my Style, presents a utopic vision of queerness, while using broken text to question the self within structures of dissidence. This project celebrates empowerment through failure, adaptation, movement, and our connection with others.


A Flower and a Thousand Paths gives space to practices that are centered at the idea of community, collaboration, media experimentation, and postcolonial approaches to art making and presentation. As a video installation exhibition, A Flower and a Thousand Paths transforms Céline Bureau to present narratives of defiance and hope. 

This exhibition was curated by Santiago Tavera. 

House of Tupamaras               Mutante               Elsgüer Studio




Vernissage October 14, 2022 

Exhibition Catalogue




Elsgüer Studio 3LIX & Patterns of Plasticity

Elsgüer Studio is a collective led by artists Laura Acosta and Santiago Tavera, Colombian-Canadian artists based
in Montréal. Since 2015, their collaborative practice forges an intersection between Tavera’s investigation of digital
media and interactive environments in relation to the body, with Acosta’s exploration of performance through wearabletextiles. Elsgüer studio has previously collaborated with other sound and media artists, engineers, scientists and performers to accomplish large scale technical and ambitious installation projects. Elsgüer Studio constructs interactive experiences, immersive installations and expanded performances. These projects have been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and Le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and have been presented in Canada and internationally.

Photos x Juan David Padilla and Hugo Dufford Bouchard


Mutante: & Queer Forms of Life

Photos x Juan David Padilla and Hugo Dufford Bouchard

Mutante is a research, creation and diffusion laboratory for art and science, focused in bio and digital new media. Mutante explores the possibilities of the emergent digital technologies for the design of narrative or interactive experiences, creating interconnected narratives that take over the city using interactive installations, mobile apps, and Augmented/Mixed Reality. They have co-created and currently co-organize the Suratomica Network together with numerous creatives and organizations, including Cuántico and ORIGIN@CMS, connected to the CMS experiment at CERN. Mutante’s co-director Natalia Rivera, is an artist currently exploring the possibilities of digital technologies as inter living-entities mutual aid media. In the context of indeterminate/queer knowledge creation, their processes are indisciplinary, open, collective, collaborative and communitarian. The Bi0film. net project is a collaboration with Jung Hsu, a researcher and new media artist based in Berlin. Hsu combines interdisciplinary knowledge with artistic research to create heterogeneous encounters, recently focusing on micro-biopolitics and social movements.