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(Digital Sketch Series of Translational Spaces)


Interactive Web-project

(HTML/CSS & Javascript) is a looping animated maze that encompasses a collection of animated GIFs, digital stills, stereographic 3D animations, and sound. The digital structures and forms parallel the participant’s own interaction and experience with the digital. Perhaps frantic, multiple, overlapped, and infinite, the level of interaction within the site is determined only by the time available and desire to be in it, with no beginning or end. This digital hyperlink journey takes the user through architectural sketches, structures, and environments that are as dynamic as they are still.


Best experienced with headphones and using firefox or chrome internet browsers (some pages may differ on both)


It takes approximately 18 minutes to go through the website with 53 web pages and pop-up windows.


Caution to flashing colours and internet crashes

This interactive website goes along an illustrated publication, Translational Spaces. 


Video Clip

Project Presentations


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