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Digital Architectural Environments | AC2 Publication

My article "Digital Architectural Environments" is part of AC2, Architecture Concordia's second annual publication, featuring contributions by Sophia Borowska / Tom Collins / Thaly Crespin / Noémie Despland-Lichert / Michelle Gagnon-Creeley / Stéphanie Hornstein / Luisa Ji / Katrina Jurjans / Matthew Kroger-Diamond / Sienna MacArthur / Hannah Materne / Laura Josephine O’Brien / Vivian Patel / Dr. Nicola Pezolet / Kevin Pindivic / Lee-Michael Pronko / Dario Ré / Terrance Richard / Damien Smith / Santiago Tavera / Anne-Marie Trépanier / Elena Ugarova

The article includes an AR image that allows you to see the 3D architectural

digital design on your mobile device:

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